Stump's Smokers

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Whether at home or in competition, the Stump’s Smoker gravity feed models are designed to give BBQ enthusiasts the longest, most consistent cook times.

On average they maintain an hour burn per pound of charcoal at 225 degrees.

Gravity Feed System consisting of a charcoal chute partnered with an insulated burner box which allows for a cool touch surface. The gravity feed system provides simple, hassle-free BBQing with phenomenal results. As the charcoal in the burner box burns off, you simply add more down the top of the chute. Just open the chute door and dump it in. The flavor generator box below the chute locks in savory flavor from your favorite woods or other fuels.

Stump’s Gravity Feed Smokers feature a dedicated valve for precision heat control and a high-quality thermometer on the door. Each door features an easy close and lockable latch system allowing you to close the door with a flick of the wrist. All doors are sealed with high temp washable tadpole gasket, ensuring your heat stays where it needs to be.

The interior of each unit is solid welded 16 gauge metal and has a computer generated framing system for maximum support. These units are packed with over 50 square feet of 1800 degree insulation and wrapped with 16 gauge metal. The cavity provides plenty of room so that you can cook a variety of different meats at the same time. Inside you will find easy to clean, full extension racks supported by a full c-channel rack runner.

Each unit is finished with Black, high quality automotive paint to withstand the elements. Portable models come with a unique dolly system for easy mobility .